Malesoulmakeup May05


Malesoulmakeup calls itself a queer culture blog, but it leans heavily toward gender transgression. There are lots of images and there’s heavy coverage of pop culture and gender-bending celebrities.

Norman Spack: How I Help Transgender Teens Apr28

Norman Spack: How I Help Transgender Teens

Boston Endocrinologist Norman Spack is a pioneer in the use of puberty-delaying hormones in trans-identified children in North America. In this TED talk he describes why he undertook this work.

Let’s Get Real About Celebrity Apr23

Let’s Get Real...

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, who chooses to remain anonymous. If you, the reader, wishes to know her name, e-mail me (you can do so from the Help & Contact Tab on the Chrysalis main page. She has given me permission to disclose it to those who ask.

The Tri-Ess Wars Apr22

The Tri-Ess Wars

I wrote this in October, 2013 and prepared it for publication here, but never actually posted it. Yesterday, I came across it in draft. I gave it a read-through and it’s ready for prime timeā€”or as ready as it’s ever going to get, anyway.

My Take on the Trans 100 List Apr21

My Take on the Trans...

Let me be clear: I am impressed by the individuals who made the Trans 100 lists for 2013 and 2014. I know many of them and have followed the work of others for years. They are sincere, dedicated, and talented people who have a desire to help others and do so with energy and integrity.