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It took a while because I’ve been working on other portions of this website, but I finally got busy and designed the blog section. It will without doubt get tweaked a bit, but I’m happy with it pretty much as it is.

On the right, just below the search window, are links to the other portions of my website. The home page includes introductory information and provides links to my bio, CV, calendar, and photos. Body of Work contains hundreds of posts with content from the books, booklets, book chapters, articles, columns, novels, short stories, plays, poems, and songs I’ve written. The Chrysalis link will take you to the online ‘zine Chrysalis Quarterly.

I maintain several other blogs which address some of my interests. You can read about them here.

This is my general purpose, anything goes blog. I’ll write here about gender, automobiles and motorcycles, popular culture, history, art, and who knows what else.

The back end is operational. Now it’s time to write.

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