Volunteer Jam

Volunteer Jam

Through all of Charlie Daniels accomplishments, [he] may be best known for organizing the genre-bending musical extravaganzas known as the Volunteer Jams, 16 music events over the course of three decades.

— Pat Adams

In the early 1980s, when I was living in Nashville, I attended three of Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jams.

Why was it called the Volunteer Jam? Because Tennessee is the Volunteer State.

In those days the Jams were held in January, downtown at the Municipal Auditorium. The show kicked off at 6 or 7 pm on Saturday night and ran until just before dawn on Sunday. Over the ten or so hours of the concert as many as twenty acts would take the stage for two-song sets.

Volunteer Jam Ticket, 1982

My Ticket from the 1982 Volunteer Jam

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