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Overdue Journals (1981)

Overdue Journals (1981)

©1981 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1981). Overdue journals. Unpublished.






The following periodicals have been reported missing from the stacks:

  • The American Journal of Elective Tardiness
  • Annals of Darwinian Creationism
  • Archives of Procrastination
  • Bulletin of the Internationally Society of the Totally Asocial
  • Clinics in Diagnosis and Treatment of Nonexistent Illness
  • International Journal of the Friends of Censorship
  • The journal of Diseases of Antarctic Plants
  • The Journal of Problems of Communication
  • The Journal of Scheduling Difficulties
  • The Journal of Lack of Creativity
  • Problems in Utopian Living
  • Review of Inconceivable Phenomena
  • Studies in Postmortem Psychology
  • Zeitschrift for a Paperless Society