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A Message to Terrorists Everywhere from One Person in America (2001)

A Message to Terrorists Everywhere from One Person in America (2001)

©2001, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2001, September). A message to terrorists everywhere from one person in America. Unpublished short essay.

I wrote this a few days after September 11, 2001 while in a state of high emotion.




A Message to Terrorists Everywhere from One Person in America

By Dallas Denny


Tuesday’s attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon succeeded in their immediate aim, which was the destruction of property and the taking of innocent lives. They certainly did not succeed in their political goals, whatever they may have been.

In theory, effective terrorism will break a nation’s will, changing policies in ways to the liking of the terrorists. In theory, lives lost justify these ends. That’s the theory. The reality is the lives lost on Tuesday are just that: lives lost. The political ends of the perpetrators were not achieved. And they will never be achieved.

The United States of America will never capitulate. Never. Tuesday’s events served only to strengthen the national resolve. Regardless of how many terror events we may see in the next months or years, regardless of how much terror events have and will disrupt travel, communication, the stock market, and the ways Americans live their lives from day to day, regardless of how many lives have been taken and will be taken, we will never give in. Never. You may kidnap us, shoot us, bomb us, gas us, nuke us, or visit plagues upon us. You may deprive us of loved ones and our small happinesses. You may wound us, frighten us; you may make us grieve. But you will not prevail. In the end, we will identify you and track you down and kill or imprison you. In the end, you will be gone and we will still be here. In the end, you will not have achieved your political goals, but doomed them. In the end, you will be remembered not as heros, but as murderers; not as patriots, but as traitors; not as warriors, but as criminals. And in the end, your deity, whether Allah or God or Jehovah, will not praise you, but condemn you and cast you out. In the end, you will have achieved only the destruction of the innocent, including your own friends, families, clans, and nations.