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Chronology of Transgen Group Postings (1996)

Chronology of Transgen Group Postings (1996)

©1996, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1996). Chronology of Transgender group postings. Posted to Transgen USENET group.





In the mid 1990s the Internet was in its infancy and most group interaction took place on USENET, a discussion system developed at Duke University.

USENET was famous for its flame wars; a number of trolls who continue to flame others on the internet today were already active. I wrote this in response to some of them.

From: (Dallas Denny)
Subject: Chronology of Transgen Postings
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 01:14:54 ‑0400
Keywords: transsexual, transgender, sex change, crossdresser


A Chronology of TRANSGEN Group Postings

By the Ever Politically Incorrect Dallas Denny


Year 1

I went into the Magic Mart and no one paid the least bit of attention!

Does anyone know what will cover a heavy beard?

I love it when I wear a dress. It puts me in touch with my feminine side.

I don’t think those transsexuals should post here; all that talk about hormones and dealing with families makes it harder to find the posts about good shopping locations.

Year 2

I’ve noticed I get called ma’am a lot, no matter how I’m dressed.

I’m not transsexual or anything, but I’m definitely transgendered.

Can anyone here help me locate a good source for herbal hormones and an electrologist in West Bumblefuck?

Year 3

Does any one have any suggestions for informing my children about what I’m doing? It’s not like they haven’t figured it out, but I still need some advice.

I got my hormone letter today!

I’m putting all my time and money into this transition. Can’t there be more support here? Why all the bickering?

Year 4

I’ve given the matter a lot of thought, and I’ve decided not to have surgery. There is too much potential for loss of sexual pleasure.

My friend Lana was amazed to find I haven’t had SRS. I told her it’s not what’s between the legs that counts; it’s what’s between the ears.

I’m getting a little tired of all these posts about beard cover. Can’t we discuss something more serious?

These transsexuals are *so* obsessed with their crotches!

Year 5

Does anyone know Dr. Menard’s address?

25 days and counting!

… the pee goes everywhere, but the depth is sufficient.

I think I’m going to spend less time here now; I need to get on with my life.

Year 6

I’m ba‑ack!

It really pisses me off when these TVs compare themselves to me.

Don’t they understand what transsexuals go through? There’s really no comparison between dressing up on occasion and being *serious* about this!