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Trans Trading Cards: My List (1997)

Trans Trading Cards: My List (1997)

©1997 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1997). Transsexual & Transgender Trading Cards

Thumbnail Photo: The late Candy Darling.





In 1997 I tried to sell AEGIS’ board of directors on a set of transsexual and transgender trading cards. The board didn’t bite, and so they were never produced. Had I the funds, I would have had them printed anyway.

This is my list as of 1997 for three sets of cards.


Transexual & Transgender Trading Cards

 By Dallas Denny



Set #1:  Historical

1.  Gallae of the Magna Mater

2.  Hijras

3.  North American Two-Spirit Peoples

4.  Christine Jorgensen

5.  *  Renee Richards

6.  *  Jan Morris

7.  *  Caroline Cossey (Tula)

8.  *  April Ashley

9.  Lou Sullivan

10.  Roberta Cowell

11.  Michael Dillon

12.  Billy Tipton

13.  Brandon Teena

14.  Passing Women

15.  Virginia Prince

16.  Boulton & Park

17.  Stonewall Queens & Butches

18.  Joan of Arc

19.  Magnus Hirschfeld

20.  Lord Cornbury

21.  Chevalier D’Eon

22.  Venus Xtravaganza

23.  James Barry

24.  *  CanaryConn

25.  Lee Brewster

26.  Lili Elbe

27.  *  Flip Wilson

28.  Reed Erickson

29.  Milton Berle

30.  *  Ru Paul

31.  Harry Benjamin

32.  Radclyffe Hall

33.  Candy Darling

34.  *  Holly Woodlawn

35.  International Chrysis

36.  Pope Joan

(* = still living)


Set #2:  Contemporary

Carol Beecroft

Kate Bornstein

Holly Boswell

Jason Cromwell

Sister Mary Elizabeth

Leslie Feinberg

Phyllis Frye

Davina Anne Gabriel

James Green

Ariadne Kane

Merissa Sherrill Lynne

Joann Roberts

Martine Rothblatt

Sandy Stone

Stephen Whittle

Riki Anne Wilchins


Set #3: Gender-Variant People of the XXth Century

Magnus Hirshfeld

Lili Elbe

Radclyffe Hall

Michael Dillon

Christine Jorgensen

Roberta Cowell

Harry Benjamin

Ed Wood

Renée Richards

Jan Morris

April Ashley

Billy Tipton

Reed Erickson

Quentin Crisp

Milton Berle

Virginia Prince

Lee Brewster

Candy Darling

Lou Sullivan

Venus Xtravaganza (murdered)

Rosanne Alluquere (“Sandy”) Stone

Marcia P. Johnson (murdered)

Carolyn (“Tula”) Cossey

Brandon Teena (murdered)

Sylvia Rivera

Jamison Green

Riki Anne Wilchins

Leslie Feinberg