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A Word from the Editor, Tapestry No. 90 (2000)

A Word from the Editor, Tapestry No. 90 (2000)

©2000, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2000, Summer). A word from the editor: More CD stuff, please. Transgender Tapestry, 90, p. 5.






A Word From the Editor

By Dallas Denny


Editing this magazine is and always has been a balancing act. Transgender Tapestry is, as its name implies, a blend of human experience. Our contributors are a diverse lot. Some are crossdressers, some are transsexual, some are intersexed, some identify as both genders, and some as neither. Our readers are gay, straight, bisexual, and asexual, young, old, rich, poor, politically conservative, politically liberal, politically disinclined, black, white, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, atheist, pantheistic, Wiccan, and every shade in between. Some are mental health professionals, some are ministers, and some are partners, spouses, family, significant others, or supportive others. Those interested in gender expression come from all walks off life.

Previous editors of this periodical have been criticized for making the magazine “too transsexual,” and “not transsexual enough,” for having “too much” material about crossdressing, and for having too little. No doubt the current administration will get the same criticisms. We’ve already noticed, in fact, that the items which come across our desk are more often about transsexualism than crossdressing. You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll strive to make Transgender Tapestry a beautiful blend of gender expression that will appeal to as many of our readers as possible, but we’ll need your help to maintain the balance. Please send us more material on crossdressing.

If you feel we’re leaving someone or something out, let us know— or better yet, write an article and send it to us. This is after all, your magazine; we’re merely the temporary custodians.