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Gender Education Training for the New Millennium (2000-2001)

Gender Education Training for the New Millennium (2000-2001)

©2000, 2001, 2013 by Sandra Cole, Dallas Denny, Jamison Green, Penni Ashe Matz, Gwendolyn Smith, and Jessica Xavier








Cole, S., Denny, D., Green, J., & Xavier, J. (2000, November). Gender education for the new millennium. Workshop presented at Creating Change 2000, Atlanta, GA.

Cole, S., Denny, D., Green, J., Smith, G., & Xavier, J. (2000, September). Gender education for the new millennium. Workshop presented at Southern Comfort 2000, Atlanta, GA, 28 September – 1 October, 2000.

Ashe, P., Cole, S., Denny, D., Green, J., Smith, G., & Xavier, J. (2001). How to do effective gender education. Workshop presented at Transgender 2001, 15th Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, 22-25 March, 2001.


On January 1, 2000 Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc. launched as the successor organization to The American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. Founding board members were myself, Jamison Green, Jessica Xavier, Penni Ashe Matz, Gwendolyn Smith, and Sandra Cole. We made three presentations to familiarize the community with the new organization. This is the outline from our talk at the IFGE convention. The other talks were similar.

Workshop Outline

Gender Education Training for the New Millennium 

Presented at IFGE 2001 Conference

By Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc.


1. Who We are and What We Offer

[Introduction of GEA and Presenters (10 minutes, James)

Notice: Our time is limited, so please hold your questions until the end.


What GEA Is
Introduction of Presenters
What we Offer:

A core educational philosophy

  • Our model: Distributed gender education
  • How to develop and conduct your own workshops
  • We exist to empower those interested in becoming educational advocates in their own communities

Materials: Handout, Course Outline; Overhead, Mission & Values


2. Distributed Gender Education

[Overview of Distributed Gender Education Model in Simple English (5 minutes, James)]

  • We are a training & technical assistance provider “We are a Resource. We can help you get there.
  • Distributed Gender Education Model (No Pros from Dover)
  • Mention Gender Variance Model

Materials: Overhead, Distributed Gender Education; Handout, Distributed Gender Education; Overheads, Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Organizational

Hierarchies; Overhead, Gender Variance Model


3. Why People Need Gender Education and Why People Should Want to Do It (5 minutes, Dallas

  • We are following a path that has been shown to work.
  • In this model, there are no prima donnas. It’s essential to work as a team. What others do doesn’t compete with you; it reinforces you.


4. Change (5 minutes, Dallas)

  • Change can be evolutionary or revolutionary
  • Most change is evolutionary; rewards may be intangible
  • You don’t need to be important or famous to make a difference


5. Goals of Gender Education (10 minutes, Sandra)

6. Who Needs Gender Education? (5 minutes, Sandra)

Types of Audiences

  • Meeting the Needs of the Audience
  • (Here are some audiences you can reach and here is how you can address them: police, human sexuality class, local health care provider, local legislators, state legislators, nursing classes, etc.
  • Gender Variance Model

Materials: Overhead, Gender Variance Model Overhead, Types of Audiences


7. Here’s How you Do It (20 minutes, all, James will start)

  • Personal anecdotes are important, but should be used in contex to illustrate a particular point
  • Developing a Local Gender Education Plan (see Jessy’s e-mail)
  • Leveraging your local health providers
  • Handling the Q&A

Materials: Handout, Gender Variance Primer; Handout, Common Myths; Handout, Tips for Service Providers; Handout, Media Coverage; Handout, Dangerous Curves, Cheekbones


8. Here are Some Things to Watch Out For (10 minutes, James will start)

  •  Here’s how to be more effective by being aware of your audience
  • What to wear
  • Talking about yourself can derail your presentation
  • How not to become emotional when challenged by audience

Handout, Hot Seat Questions


9. Ethics of Gender Education (10 minutes, Sandra)

  • Don’t push other self-identities to bolster your own identity
  • Don’t gay bash
  • Ethics of professionals

Handout, tips for service providers


10. FAQ, Networking and Marshalling Resources (5 minute, Dallas)

Materials: Handout, GEA Programs; Handout, Community Resources; Handout, GEA Annual Report; Handout, D.C. Transgender Needs Assessment Survey


11. Q&A (15 minutes, James)