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The AEGIS Catalog of Publications (1994)

The AEGIS Catalog of Publications (1994)

©1994 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1994). The AEGIS catalog of publications. Decatur, GA: American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.





The AEGIS Catalog of Publications (PDF)

The nonprofit American Educational Gender Information Service maintained a mail-order bookstore with more than 60 products, many of which we produced ourselves. I edited and laid out this booklet, which dates from 1994 or so, and had thousands of copies run on newsprint. I would fill orders every other day or so and drop boxes and envelopes off at the post office on the way home from work. When stock ran low, I would re-order—and I was always on the lookout for new material.

Even compressed, the PDF is a little large. It may take a few seconds to load.