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AEGIS Fact Sheet (1993)

AEGIS Fact Sheet (1993)

©1993, 2013 by American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.

Source: Fact sheet. (1993). Decatur, GA: American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.





Fact Sheet

American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.


Our Mission

The American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc. (AEGIS) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit clearinghouse for transsexual and transgender issues. AEGIS actively supports the professionalization and standardization of services for transgendered persons; promotes non-judgmental, non-discriminatory treatment of persons with gender issues; advocate respect for their dignity, their right to treatment, and their right to choose their gender role; helps transgendered persons make reasoned and informed decisions about the ways in which they will live their lives; and provides educational materials, information, and referrals.

Our Services

Membership with general, professional, student, and correctional categories and categories for our financial benefactors.


  • Are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, so donations are tax deductible under IRS codes.
  • Maintain a 30+ member advisory board, the members of which we consult regularly about important medical-related and social issues.
  • Provide free information about transgender and transsexual issues
  • Provide free referrals to helping professionals and support groups via US Mail, telephone, FAX, or e-mail.
  • Publish a bi-annual journal (Chrysalis)
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter for members (AEGIS News)
  • Publish an annual newsletter for the Transgender Historical Society
  • Publish a bi-annual newsletter for helping professionals (Transgender Treatment Bulletin)
  • Maintain an extensive database of helping professionals and support groups (about 2700 entries). The database is updated daily. Extensive bibliography of trans-related materials (more than 6500 items), available in hardback as D. Denny (1994). Gender Dysphoria: A Guide to Research. New York: Garland Publishers. The bibliography is updated daily.
  • Have a mail order bookstore (30+ titles). The bookstore can also be taken to conferences.
  • House the National Transgender Library & Archive—the largest publicly available collection of trans-related material in the world and maybe the universe. The NTL&A contains historical material dating back to the early 1900’s, including sheet music, postcards, newsletters, magazines, journals, memorabilia, arid books. The collection currently fills two medium-sized rooms.
  • Maintain a telephone help line (an automated system is under beta-test at this time. This system allows callers to listen to over 100 pre-recorded messages, and will eventually become a FAX-back system which will provide referral information).
  • Offer affiliation to other organizations; we currently have two affiliated groups.
  • Publish periodic health advisories and position papers
  • Publish educational pamphlets, flyers,and booklets
  • Conduct free and low-cost educational seminars about trans issues
  • Write letters in support of trans-persons at work and in legal battles.
  • Provide amicus curae briefs for selected court cases.
  • Provide consultation to helping professionals RE their trans clients.
  • Have an FTP site on the internet with several hundred files, including back issues of Chrysalis.
  • Publish AEGIS NEWS, a trans-related newsfeed distributed bi-weekly on the internet.

And hopefully we’ll soon have a walk-in center, when we find appropriate office space.

Some Facts About AEGIS

We are a founding member of GenderPAC.
We are a founding member of Transgender Alliance for Community.
We were a founding member of Southern Comfort.
We provided seed money for the first FTM Conference of the Americas.
We were a sponsor of the 1st International Congress on Cross-Dressing, Sex, and Gender Issues
We started the Atlanta Gender Explorations support group, which has been in operation for six years and which has seen more than 100 people through gender transition.
We conduct research projects; results are routinely published in books or professional journals.

Our executive director is editing Current Concepts in Transgender Identity: Towards a New Synthesis, which will be published in early 1997 by Garland. Current Concepts includes chapters by John Money, Ph.D., Richard Green, M.D., J.D., Ira Pauly, M.D., Jerilyn Prior, M.D, Eugene Schrang, M.D., Sandra Cole, Ph.D., Collier Cole, Ph.D., & Walter Meyer, M.D., Ruth Hubbard, Ph.D., Jason Cromwell, Ph.D., James Green, Holly Boswell, Anne Bolin, Ph.D., Holly Devor, Ph.D., Richard Ekins, Ph.D. & Dave King, Ph.D., Barbara Warren, Ph.D., and more.