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Some AEGIS Ads (1990s)

Some AEGIS Ads (1990s)

©2013 by American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.

In 1990 I founded the nonprofit American Educational Gender Information Service for the purpose of proving information about transsexualism to transsexuals, their families, helping professionals, journalists, and the general public. AEGIS functioned through 1998, at which time it cased operations in preparation for a new launch as Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc.

Here are a few advertisements for AEGIS and its products.

About the first ad: In 1990 I began sending AEGIS members the considerable bibliography of transsexualism I had been compiling. It was published in 1994 by Garland Publishers.


Ad for AEGIS Bibliography of Gender Dysphoria (JPG)

Later Ad for AEGIS Bibliography of Gender Dysphoria (JPG)

Ad for Transition Series Booklets (JPG)

Splendor of Gender Membership Ad (JPG)

Those Other Gender Magazines (JPG)

Small Membership Ad for Insertion in Chrysalis (JPG)

That Strange Girl, Chrysalis Quarterly 1(7), Spring 1994 (JPG)