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Winnebago Woman (1978)

Winnebago Woman (1978)

Words and Music ©1978, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1978). Winnebago woman. Unpublished recording.






Me, 6 December, 2013 (160 MBPS MP3)


Winnebago Woman

By Dallas Denny

 Well, no one said life’s easy

Why shouldn’t it be hard

It’s three-tenths for the government

And one-tenth for the lord

And that nine-to-five

Five days a week

Can soon add up to years

Of rent and kids and groceries

And balance due at Sears


But the kids are grown and gone now

It’s long distance on the phone

So we sold the house and the Cadillac

There’s no need to stay at home

And we bought a new forty-two

Thousand dollar white-and-chrome

Fully-furnished air-conditioned

Mobile motor home




You’re my Winnebago woman

Sixty-year-old fox

Love you dearly in our silly

Little metal box

I can kiss you at the seashore

Anywhere we roam

Lay you down and love you

And still feel right at home


Well the mileage’s not terrific

And this baby’s hell on tires

But we’ll gas her up and power her

With Aphrodite’s fires

And it’s won’t you move your elbow

I need room to turn around

Our life’s a bliss– is that a miss?

Let’s Winnebago down


(Repeat Refrain)