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My Big Award (1995)

My Big Award (1995)

Words and Music ©1995, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1995). My big award. Unpublished song.

 Photo: Me singing this song at the 1995 IFGE conference.





In 1995 the International Foundation for Gender Education gave me their Trinity Award. It was a distinction I didn’t particularly want, because IFGE was fond of giving the award to its inner circle. I certainly wasn’t a part of that circle (nor did I want to be), so when I was notified I would receive the award I had mixed feelings about getting. That’s where this song came from.

On the night of the awards I performed the song. My dear friend Sandra Cole was sitting close to the eyes, tears in her eyes. Later, she told me she thought it was a true story. It wasn’t; it’s just a song.

Me, 6 December, 2013 (160 MBPS MP3)


My Big Award

By Dallas Denny


I went to the mailbox

It seems I’d won some big award

But I had to go down to Peachtree Street

To get my just reward


I was standing in the hotel lobby

Wonderin’ where to go

When I spied a lady ’bout six foot four

And I thought that she might know


I told her I was there to be honored

And she latched onto my arm

And she led me to a podium

Under spotlights bright and warm


When I started speaking

All eyes were on me

As I talked about being who I was

In the Land of Liberty


I spoke of needless hatred

And of how Brandon Teena died

And I sang of love and tolerance

And of Transgender Pride


When I finally finished

It was silent as a tomb

Then everyone leaped to their feet and cheered

Not a dry eye in the room


But as I was led down from the stage

Amidst handshakes and applause

I saw the sign there by the door

And I knew just where I was


Seems I had crashed a big convention

Of Concerned Presbyterians

And Christian Coalition types

And Young Republicans



It was the radical right, it was conservative types

It was the family values clan

Yeah, they were bible thumpers, fish stickers on their bumpers

And they were all Rush Limbaugh fans


By now they’re almost back to normal

And I’ve recovered from my fright

And I thank you for this honor that you’ve given to me

But I hope this is the right night!