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Three Levels of Transgender Health Care (1998)

Posted on Oct 30, 2011 in Gender, Presentations

Obtaining routing health care can be a problem for transexual and transgendered people, who often find that medical treatment is denied them simply because of their status.

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Outcome of Five Cases of Transsexualism (1997)

Posted on Oct 27, 2011 in Gender, Presentations, Research

Why have there been few studies outside of clinical settings? Is it because non-clinical populations of transsexuals are unavailable? I think not. Perhaps there are no such follow-up studies because non-clinicians have not had funding sufficient to conduct such studies. Or maybe it’s just that nobody has bothered to look.

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Results of a Questionnaire on the Standards of Care (1995)

Posted on Oct 27, 2011 in AEGIS, Book Chapters, Gender, Offprints, Presentations, Research, Standards of Care

We prepared and distributed a questionnaire which solicited the opinions of transgendered and transexual persons about the HBIGDA Standards of Care. In this paper, we present some results of that survey and discuss some of the issues involved in imposing such standards on transexual bodies.

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Behavioral Treatment in Gender Dysphoria (1994)

Posted on Oct 25, 2011 in AEGIS, Applied Behavior Analysis, Gender, Magazines, Presentations, Psychology, Tapestry

If you have a bit of imagination you can see this man, this crossdresser, wild-eyed and perspiring from the amphetamines, smelling of vomit, going into cardiac distress. It’s a scene straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange—but let me remind you that the protagonist in the film brutalized and killed people. Cooper’s patient merely sometimes wore women’s clothing.

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