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Sarah in a Suitcase (1997)

Sarah in a Suitcase (1997)

©1997, 2013 by Dallas Denny

 Source: Denny, Dallas. (1998, Spring). Sarah in a suitcase. Gender Quest, 3. Reprinted in August 1998 in All The Beautiful People, 4, and 23 October, 1998 in Fantasia Fair Newsletter, 4.

I wrote this poem on my way home from Fantasia Fair, having witnessed a Fair attendee’s profound awakening during the week and emotional crash when it was time to go home.


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Sarah in a Suitcase

Midweek, I saw her

Reciting, joyously, a poem just written

Of Sarah, escaped from her prison

Tripping lightly down Commercial Street

Shopping, dining, discovering herself

Blossoming, growing

Happy just to be

On Saturday night, she sat in the doorway in her pajamas

Singing, smiling

Still drinking in the experience

Still wearing Sarah’s face

Until she remembered her time was short

And collapsed, weeping, weeping

At the thought of the morrow

On Sunday morning, she made it to brunch

dressed in her gorilla suit

Her vulnerability packed away

As carefully as her clothes

Uncomfortable with our hugs

Brusque, rigid

Lest Sarah burst unbidden

From a suitcase grown much too small