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Wrong Body (For Jason Cromwell) (1995)

Wrong Body (For Jason Cromwell) (1995)

©1995, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Dallas Denny. (1995). Wrong body (for Jason) (Poem). Chrysalis: The Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities, 2(2), 6.






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Wrong Body

(For Jason Cromwell)

I am not in the wrong body

Wrong body

Wrong body


I am not in the wrong body

I’m not “trapped”

I was never trapped

It’s just that this body developed in ways

I would rather it had not

And it was necessary to do a little

Shall we say

Social and physical re-engineering

To make things more to my liking


It wasn’t a question of wrong body

It was a question of right body, wrong characteristics

And a tune-up was required


And so I have resculpted it

Made it more to my liking

Gained this, lost that


I may not have liked everything about it

But was not the wrong body

It was never the wrong body

It’s the right body

It has already been the right body

It’s my body

And now it’s just as I have always wanted it

What could be simpler?