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Masquerading as Public Works (A Paranoia) (1984)

Masquerading as Public Works (A Paranoia) (1984)

©1983, 1985, 2013 by Dallas Denny. Water tower illustration ©1983 by Philip J. Hawkins.


Source: Dallas Denny. (1983, March). Masquerading as public works. Alternate Realities, 6, 10-11. Reprinted in Space Grits, Spring, 1995, V. 1, No. 4, pp. 8-9.



They’re everywhere. They scare me.


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Masquerading as Public Works

By Dallas Denny

They land

Don’t you know


I can see one lurking on the horizon


They’re placed strategically

Don’t you know

On ridges and rises

Stilt—walkers at rest

Unsuspect observers


And they’re everywhere

Every neighborhood has one

They spring up like so many dandelions

But who has ever seen one

Being built/transported/open for inspection


A clever disguise

But how much water

Do ten thousand people need

Certainly more than they would hold

For flushing/showering/watering of plants


Wake up! Tell your neighbors

They don’t really hold water

They land

Don’t you know