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Gender Bender (1989)

Gender Bender (1989)

Words and Music ©1989, 2013 by Dallas Denny

I wrote Gender Bender shortly after I transitioned gender roles. The whole thing spilled out of my head in about thirty minutes—and then I spent days making up additional verses, just for fun. I performed the song frequently at transgender conferences and even won a talent contest at Southern Comfort. A lot of people have asked me to put it online, and now, at long last, here it is, with just me and my classical Yamaha guitar.


Listen To Gender Bender (160 kbps MP3)

Fantasia Fair Follies Performances

I have performed Gender Bender many times at the Fantasia Fair Follies. Here’s the program from 1993 (with the name of the song wrong) and a portion of video taken by my friend Karen Marie in 2014.


1993 Fantasia Fair Follies Program (PDF)


Gender Bender Lyrics and Chords


Gender Bender

By Dallas Denny



Mary Alice Walker


Was a spinster all her life


She taught the kids in Sunday School


And stayed at home at night


She was always prim and proper


And when she finally died


The undertaker shook his head


And could not believe his eyes



       G      D

She was a gender bender

G      D

Gender bender

G      D

Gender bender


Martin met Loretta

In Atlanta late one night

She was everything he thought

That he had wanted in a wife

He finally popped the question

But on their wedding night

She had a little something extra

And much to his surprise


She was a gender bender

Gender bender

Gender bender


Sammy was the kind of boy

Who wore his hair in curls

His mother dressed him funny

And he hung out with the girls

The fellas all despised him

And tried to make him fight

But now his name’s Samantha

And they take him out at night


‘Cause he’s a gender bender

Gender bender

Gender bender


Frieda was a big old gal

She stood ’bout six-foot-three

And how she thought she’d ever pass

Was more than I could see

She landed her a millionaire

Considered quite a catch

And he coughed up the money

And now she’s got a snatch


She was a gender bender

Gender bender

Gender bender


Harley is a lumberjack

As rugged as they come

And he likes wearing dresses

‘Cause he finds that it is fun

His legs are long and hairy

He doesn’t try to pass

And if you called him sissy

He’d probably kick your…


Gender bender

Gender bender

Gender bender


Now that gal you set your cap for

Or that gent that caught your eye

May be more or less than you have thought

And maybe even I

Could be a


Gender bender

Gender bender

Gender bender



Extra Verses


Susie was a farm girl

She always dressed in jeans

Started taking androgens

When she was in her teens

She changed her name to Martin

And married as a man

Her wife was named Loretta

She used to be a man


Tommy at the office

Always talked about his wife

And it was our firm consensus

Tthey had a lovely life

At the office party

We met his better side

Six-foot-two and eyes of blue

And he said his name was Spike