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Obama: The Most Transgender-Friendly President Ever—Re-elect Him!

Obama: The Most Transgender-Friendly President Ever—Re-elect Him!

©2012 by Dallas Denny

Source: Dallas Denny. (2012, 15 October). Obama: The most transgender-friendly president everRe-elect him! TG Forum.

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Without a doubt, President Barack Obama has been this country’s most trans-friendly President. His opponent, Willard Mitt Romney, would most definitely not be either gayor transgender-friendly.

Before you make your choice in the November 6 election please take a look at this article by Dana Beyer and this timeline.

Following are just a few of the transgender-affirmative things done during Obama’s first administration:

  • Hosted the first-ever LGBT Pride White House reception (2009)
  • Ordered the federal government to extend key benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees (2009)
  • Awarded the Medal of Freedom (the nation’s highest civilian honor) to Billie Jean King and Harvey Milk (2009)
  • Signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (2009)
  • Created a national resource center for LGBT elders (2009)
  • Banned discrimination based on gender identity in federal workplaces (2010)
  • Clarified the Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure family leave for LGBT employees (2010)
  • Allowed transgendered Americans to receive passports in true gender without having had surgery (2010)
  • Awarded a grant to the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center to work with LGBT foster youth (2010)
  • Recorded the “It Gets Better” video and hosted first-ever White House conference on prevention of bullying (2010)
  • Declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and announced the federal government would no longer enforce it (2010)
  • Signed repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (2011)
  • Completion of Institute of Medicine study on LBGT Health, the first of its kind (2011)
  • Issued guidelines to ensure safer working conditions for transgendered federal employees (2011)
  • Ended the Social Security Administration’s “gender no-match” letters (2011)
  • Clarified the meaning of “family” to include LGBT relationships (2011)
  • Permitted military chaplains to perform same-sex marriages where legal (2011)
  • Called for equal treatment of same-sex adoptive parents (2011)
  • Announced HUD’s new role protecting against housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (2012)
  • Enabled searches for same-sex partner benefits on (2012)
  • Ensured transgender Americans receive respectful care in gender of identity at Veteran’s Administration facilities (2012)
  • Announced support for same-sex marriage (2012) (This also legitimizes transgender marriages)
  • Pentagon celebrates LGBT Pride for first time (2012)