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About the Front Cover of Tapestry No. 106 (2004)

About the Front Cover of Tapestry No. 106 (2004)

©2004, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2004, Summer). A word from the editor: About the cover. Transgender Tapestry, 106, p. 5.






Front Cover, Transgender Tapestry No. 106

I’ll soon be replacing this image with a scan of higher resolution.

Transgender Tapestry No. 106, Summer, 2004 (Entire)


About the Cover


This issue’s cover generated considerable discussion among those responsible for this magazine: myself, Art Director Dave Bryant, IFGE Executive Director Denise Leclair, and Board Chair Hawk Stone. We knew the photograph we were considering would evoke strong responses in some of our readers— after all, it had had that effect on each of us. We asked ourselves a number of questions, ranging from “What is the scope and purpose of Transgender Tapestry?” to “What will this cover say about transgender issues in general, and Tapestry in particular?” Ultimately, we decided to use it, with my column to supply if not justification, at least an explanation of sorts.

The cover image is part of a powerful photo essay by Coda Stone. They’re so powerful, in fact, that a friend who saw the photographs pointed out that an entire university course could be taught about the issues and feelings raised by Coda’s work. Indeed, had I to do it over again, I would commission two or three written reactions to accompany the photo essay. Alas, I didn’t, and with the magazine due at the printing shop, I no longer have that privilege.

When Dave Bryant suggested we use the photo on the cover, I hesitated. The editor inside me said, “Go for it!” but the cautionary inside me said, “I’d better run this by the powers that be.” And so I did.

As the result of a consensual decision by the parties I have already mentioned, we bring you this powerful and possibly controversial cover. Our readers’ reactions will tell us whether we are on the cutting edge or just beyond it.