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Letter to the Editor, Femme Forum (2001)

Letter to the Editor, Femme Forum (2001)

©2001, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2001). Letter to the editor. Femme Mirror and Transgender Community News.

I had little patience with the attempts of the Society for the Second Self to obfuscate its discriminatory membership policy by the use of misdirection. I sent this letter to the editors of Transgender Community News and Tri Ess’ Femme Mirror. I don’t remember if it was published.


Dear Editor:


In her interview in the October issues of Transgender Community News, Jane Ellen Fairax dodges the question of Tri-Ess’ exclusionary membership policy by making it appear that it is the focus of the organization which is under attack. No one, to my knowledge, challenges Tri-Ess’ focus on heterosexual crossdressers and their female partners. The problem—which Fairfax sidesteps—is Tri-Ess’ membership policy. Supportive transsexuals, gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals, are not allowed full membership.  This is not only exclusionary, but discriminatory.


Dallas Denny