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AEGIS Given 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status by IRS (1993)

AEGIS Given 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status by IRS (1993)

©1993, 2013 by American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.

Source: AEGIS given 501(c)(3) status by IRS: Contributions are now tax deductible. Decatur, GA: American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.




The PDF below is taken from TransSisters, November/December, 1993, p. 18, which reproduces the AEGIS press release.


TransSisters Page (PDF)


AEGIS given 501(c) (3) Status by IRS

Contributions Are Now Tax Deductible


In a letter dated 13 July, 1993. the Internal Revenue Service notified AEGIS of exemption from Federal income tax as a 501(c) (3) organization.

AEGIS Executive Director Dallas Denny stated, “This status means that contributions to AEGIS are fully tax-deductible. AEGIS, IFGE, and Renaissance Education Association are the only three organizations in the gender community with this status.”

Denny said, “This is a watershed time for AEGIS. We are now three years old. We have survived the washout period during which so many organizations fail, and we have done so without soliciting funds. With the exception of several unsolicited donations, all of our operating funds have come from sales of our products. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. We have operated a help line for three years. We have spoken to thousands of transgendered personsand dozens of psychiatrists and physicians. We have spoken publicly in a variety of settings, and have held public forums at which noted professionals like Dr. Eugene Schrang have spoken. We have published five issues of Chrysalis Quarterly, our magazine, and a variety of booklets, including the original Erickson Foundation booklets. Our series of four health-related public service ads have appeared in dozens of newsletters and magazines. We have released a number of medical advisories and a position statement advising against the practice of some gender clinics of requiring candidates for sex reassignment to cross-live full-time before allowing hormonal therapy.

“But we are perhaps proudest of two things. The first is our 29-member advisory board, which is composed of professionals in a variety of disciplines of importance in the treatment of gender dysphoria. A considerable percentage of these professionals are themselves transgendered. The advisory board is polled regularly.

“The second thing of-which we are proudest is our extremely comprehensive bibliography of gender dysphoria, which will be published by Garland Publications. The bibliography contains thousands of entries which have been indexed in a variety of subject areas. It is a very powerful tool which allows access to the entirE knowledge base of gender dysphoria.”

Denny said, “We have a number of ongoing and planned projects. For example, we are currently doing the first comprehensive poll in which transgendered persons are asked for their opinion of the HBIGDA Standards of Care. We hope to present preliminary results at the meeting of the Harry Benjamin Association in October.

“We plan to announce shortly that we are a repository for materials about gender dysphona. We will catalog and index our many books and articles and provide access to researchers.

“Some of our planned projects require equipment and supplies which are beyond our present fiscal means. Consequently, we will begin soliciting charitable tax-deductible contributions and grants to fund these projects and our general operations. The community has had three years to determine the quality of our work. We are sure that with our new tax-exempt status, the money we need to operate will be provided.”