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Ghost in a Machine (2009)

Ghost in a Machine (2009)

Words ©2009, 2013 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2009). Ghost in a machine. Unpublished song.






This song is about the virtual world Second Life. If you are unfamiliar with that 3-D world, it won’t make a lot of sense; if you are familiar, it will make perfect sense. The song is sung to the tune The Ghost Inside of Me.

Me, 6 December, 2013 (160 MBPS MP3)


Ghost in a Machine

By Dallas Denny


Oh, this second life I’m leading
From my first life I’m receding
To the grid I am proceeding
I’m a ghost in a machine

Oh, the property I’m buying
And the pose balls I am trying
How my love life has me crying
I’m a ghost in a machine

And it’s round
I think the Grid is breaking down
I am lagging, woe is me
And it’s down
Going down
Asset server’s
Offline now
I’m unable to TP

Oh, the Lindens I am spending
And the merchandise I’m vending
It’s no use even pretending
I’m not a ghost in a machine

Yes, this course that I am steering
For my first life has me fearing
My attachments disappearing
And I’m a ghost in a machine

Repeat Chorus

Oh, this Second Life obsession
Lifts me out of black depression
But I must make a small confession
I’m a ghost in a machine

I’m a ghost in a machine
I’m a ghost in a machine
Yes, we’re all ghosts in a machine