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Beware Philip Salem (1991)

Beware Philip Salem (1991)

©1991 by Dallas Denny and American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc.

Source: Denny, Dallas. (1991, Spring). Beware Philip Salem. Chrysalis Quarterly, 1(1), p. 5.



View Chrysalis Advisory, V. 1, No. 1, Spring 1991 (PDF)

View Update on Philip Salem, Chrysalis, V. 1, No. 2, Summer 1991 (PDF)

View Public Service Ad, Chrysalis V. 1, No. 7, Spring 1994 (PDF)


BEWARE! (Spring, 1991)


AEGIS would like to pass on and amplify IFGE’s recent warn­ing about “Doctor” Philip Salem. Salem is a west-coast based charlatan who exploits transgendcred persons. He reportedly sells very low-potency hormone tablets through the mails for high prices, runs a transie prostitution ring, and does other ille­gal and questionable things to separate T-people from their money. He should be avoided at all costs.

Those who associate with Philip Salem or speak highly of him are also suspect. Be especially aware of offers for “reas­signment surgery” in which you are expected to fly the sur­geon” to your home town.

AEGIS is not sure why Salem hasn’t been shut down by the authorities, but we suspect his continued operation is due to apathy within the gender community. We urge you to report any suspicious or illicit offers to the postal authorities, medical licensing boards, and the directors of your support group or gender clinic.


Update on Philip Salem (Summer, 1991)


Perhaps, at long last, the gender community is girding its loins to do battle with Philip Salem.

According to a press release from the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), Cross-Talk magazine has filed a complaint against an affiliate of Salem. The complaint was lodged with the U.S. Postal Service against TV Guy magazine for sending unsolicited pornographic materials through the mails.

In February’s Renaissance News, JoAnn Roberts reported that Kym Richards of Cross-Talk is keeping records of Salem’s activities.

Ms. Richards was the author of the IFGE press release.

Philip Salem’s exploitation of transgendered persons is without parallel. Please be advised to avoid all contact with him and his affiliates, including “TV Guy,” the North American Transvestite Transsexual Society, and Tanya Ray (Salem’s pseudonym). As “The Transvestian” continues to carry his ads, it also should be avoided.

If you have information about Salem’s whereabouts or activities, please write to Kymberleigh Richards, C/O IFGE, P.O. Box 367, Wayland, MA 01778.