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Cat Killer (2015)

Cat Killer (2015)

©2015 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2015). Cat killer. Unpublished poem.





Cat Killer


It was a confirmed killer of cats, her 1976 Nova.

It stood in her driveway

being all kinds of irresistible

to cats of all stripes.

They would disappear under the hood

and when she would start the car to go to work

there would be a thunk and a cat would fall out,

dead from disembowelment or a broken neck.

She learned to beat on the hood with a broom

and honk the horn before starting the car

but cats continued to tumble to the ground

like feline falling stars.

Lord knows she tried

but she was unable to save their lives

and the car didn’t want to.