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I Want a Divorce (Poem) (2017)

I Want a Divorce (Poem) (2017)








©2017 by Dallas Denny

Source: Denny, Dallas. (2017, 5 May). I want a divorce. Unpublished poem.

Image: Poster for Thompson’s 1970 political run for sheriff of Aspen, Colorado.


This poem is not personal—that is, it’s not based upon my own life, although I’ve gone through something similar. Rather, it’s my reaction to a panel from Gonzo, Will Bingley’s and Anthony Hope-Smith’s graphic novel about the life of the late Hunter S. Thompson. In the panel, Hunter’s no doubt long-suffering wife has finally left him.


I Want a Divorce

By Dallas Denny


“I’m leaving,” she said. “I can no longer live with you.”

I nodded.

“I understand,” I said. “I don’t blame you. I’m impossible to live with.”

“I want a divorce,” I said, and hurt blossomed in her eyes.

“Not from you,” I said hastily. “From myself.”