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About Dallas

Dallas Denny is a leader in the transgender rights movement. Her work as a writer, editor, and community builder have played a significant role in the advancement of rights for transsexual and transgendered people in North America and around the world. She lives in the greater New York Metropolitan Area. Engage her to consult, speak at your event, or write for your publication.

Chrysalis Quarterly

Since 1990, Chrysalis Quarterly has been a driving force in the formation of transgender community and the fight for transgender rights. Now we’re available in electronic format—and we need your essays, articles, interviews, photographs, poems, and short fiction!

My Body of Work

I’m a prolific writer, and much of my work is on the Body of Work section of this website. You’ll find my books, essays, magazine and journal articles, and book chapters; my work as editor of two national journals and Executive Director of The American Educational Gender Information Service; and short stories, novels, poetry, and songs.