Why We Need Gender N...

I would hate to see the English language left without pronouns that differentiate between one person and many.

Hatin’ on Caitlyn Jun06

Hatin’ on Cait...

Caitlyn Jenner is my hero in the way all trans people are my heroes.

Bad Decision? Maybe. Sep09

Bad Decision? Maybe.

Move Southern Comfort Conference to Fort Lauderdale after 23 Years in Atlanta? It’s either crazy or it’s not.

Identified! May13


The photos in Casa Susanna have until now been unattributed. Now we know Andrea Susan took most of the pictures.

My Take on the Trans 100 List Apr21

My Take on the Trans...

Let me be clear: I am impressed by the individuals who made the Trans 100 lists for 2013 and 2014. I know many of them and have followed the work of others for years. They are sincere, dedicated, and talented people who have a desire to help others and do so with energy and integrity.

Good News from SSA! Jun17

Good News from SSA!

The U.S.Social Security Administration has issued a new (and better) policy for transsexuals.