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Malesoulmakeup calls itself a queer culture blog, but it leans heavily toward gender transgression. There are lots of images and there’s heavy coverage of pop culture and gender-bending celebrities.

Beauty in Ambiguity: Nov09

Beauty in Ambiguity:...

We’re happy to bring you Genderfork as our first featured website.
The Genderfork website was created in 2007 by Sarah Dopp, “a genderqueer woman in San Francisco who likes to build websites.” She soon began including volunteers to help with the postings. Today Genderfork has outposts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Genderfork is a place where anyone can tell their story in brief or point readers to something they think is interesting. It’s amazing to scoll down through the entries and see the many ways readers define themselves.
Take a look for yourself.