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Roberts Named to AEGIS Advisory Board (1992)

Roberts Named to AEGIS Advisory Board (1992)

Source: Roberts named to AEGIS advisory board. Renaissance News & Views, 1992, V.6, No. 7, p. 13.

The late JoAnn Roberts was a founder of Renaissance Education Association, owner of Creative Design Services, and served as board chair of the nonprofit American Educational Gender Information Service Inc. Here’s an announcement of her appointment to the AEGIS Advisory Board.




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Roberts Named to AEGIS Advisory Board


JoAnn Roberts, one of the founders of Renaissance, the first managing director, and now a di­rector at-large of the national orga­nization, has been named to the Interdisciplinary Advisory Board of AEGIS, the American Educational Gender Information Service, Inc., based in Decatur, Ga.

Roberts, who holds a Ph.D. de­gree, joins 27 other members “promi­nent in their fields, and who are dedicated to the study and welfare of transgendered persons,” accord­ing to AEGIS Executive Director Dallas Denny.

Other members include Dr. Anne Bolin, Drs. Bonnie and Vern Bullough, Caroline Cossey (Tula), Sister Mary Elizabeth, Ariadne Kane, Dr. Sheila Kirk, Dr. Virginia Prince, and Kim Elizabeth Stuart.

In addition to Renaissance, other organizations represented on the panel include the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Sur­geons, The American Psychiatric Association, The Society for the Sci­entific Study of Sex, The American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, the In­ternational Foundation for Gender Education, the Ingersoll Center, and the Society for the Second Self.

A number of the members are transgendered.

But despite this “establishment” tone, the advisory panel also in­cludes special advisors represent­ing some areas that may be consid­ered unconventional, such as Delores French, who provides input on prostitution.

“We are fortunate to have been able to assemble such a fine and distinguished group of advisors,” Denny said

AEGIS is a Renaissance affili­ate.