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The Third Sex (1995)

Posted on Jul 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

In her view, Denny said, transsexuality was just one more manifestation of the human urge to transform the body.

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The Case Against Camping (2008)

Posted on Jun 18, 2016 in Computers, Editorials, Uncategorized, Virtual Worlds

Rebecca took great offense at the illustrations and turned her venom on me. She threatened to sue me. Telling her I did not select the images made no impression on her, nor did she seem to understand just what an editorial is. I eventually told her to go f**k herself. It made for a most interesting comments section.

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Your Virtual Life is Waiting (2007)

Posted on Nov 5, 2013 in Computers, Gender, Online, Presentations, Uncategorized, Virtual Worlds

What would you do if you could build a world—and a perfect body—from scratch? What would it mean if you could fly? If you were fabulously wealthy? What happens to our consciousness when we can simultaneously control multiple or inhuman bodies, each with its own personality? Computers make possible the creation of complex virtual worlds which can enrich, extend, and redefine the human experience. Linden Lab’s Second Life is such a world, a three-dimensional space created entirely by its inhabitants.

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