Body of Work

This is the Portal to Dallas’ extensive advocacy and written work.
From here you can read much of what she has done and written and find links to her books and other printed publications.


Dallas has written widely on gender and identity, but she has also published articles on animal behavior and applied behavior analysis and short works of fiction and poetry, and has written several novels. She plays guitar and sings, performing her own songs.

Body of Work




Much of Dallas’ early work is archived at the website of the nonprofit Gender Education & Advocacy, Inc.




Dallas writes two blogs and maintains a FLICKR page which AREN’T hosted on this site.


Just eleven miles from downtown Atlanta, tiny Pine Lake (population 800) is like girl scout camp, forested and cool. The town was started in the 1930s as a lake resort for Atlantans and maintains an early Twentieth century atmosphere. Once considered remote from the city, today Pine Lake is enviously close in.

The lake and federally protected wetlands support a wide variety of wildlife and the unusual, individual houses support a wide variety of artists, musicians, and iconoclasts.

Pine Lake: The Blog




In 2006 Dallas began writing about Linden Lab’s three-dimensional virtual world Second Life ©. Her popular Chey’s Second Life Blog is , she says,  “Often screaming funny, sometimes deadly serious, and occasionally informative.”

Chey’s Second Life Blog



Second Life is a remarkable medium for photographers. The  photo at left could well be a painting by Impressionist Claude Monet.

Dallas shares some of her virtual world snapshots on her FLICKR page.

Chey’s FLICKR Stream