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Our trans community, and many other American communities, face a grave threat.

Moving Trans* History Forward Symposium Mar29

Moving Trans* History Forward Symposium

The conference I’m talking about is the Moving Trans* History Forward Symposium held 21-23 March, 2014 at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The event was put together by founder and academic director of the archives Aaron Devor and his highly competent team. About 100 trans and supportive theorists, historians, activists, and scholars attended.

CQ Flashback: 1991 Dec14

CQ Flashback: 1991

1991 saw two remarkable documents for the trans community: the Gender Activist Declaration of Independence, produced and distributed by Napa, CA’s short-lived Gender Activist League and JoAnn Roberts’ Bill of Gender Rights. Both are remarkable documents.

CQ Flashback: 1991 Dec14

CQ Flashback: 1991

The second issue of Chrysalis contained Holly Boswell’s groundbreaking article, The Transgender Alternative. Published simultaneously in Chrysalis and IFGE’s Tapestry in early 1991, Holly argued for an alternative to the existing “careers” of transsexual, crossdresser, and drag queens.

Harry Benjamin, M.D. Nov11

Harry Benjamin, M.D.

Harry Benjamin was an endocrinologist and gerontologist who emigrated to the United States during the First World War. He is best known for his clinical work with transsexuals and as the author of 1966 text The Transsexual Phenomenon, which defined the clinical syndrome and argued for compassionate medical hormonal and surgical treatment in select cases.