The Rise and Fall of...

Our trans community, and many other American communities, face a grave threat.

THE+ Conference Forms Sep09

THE+ Conference Forms

New Trans* Conference in Atlanta. Focus will be on health education, and service to a broad spectrum of trans* people and their families, including people of color and trans children and their parents.

The Tri-Ess Wars Apr22

The Tri-Ess Wars

I wrote this in October, 2013 and prepared it for publication here, but never actually posted it. Yesterday, I came across it in draft. I gave it a read-through and it’s ready for prime time—or as ready as it’s ever going to get, anyway.

Virginia Speaks Aug05

Virginia Speaks

I recently came across this remarkable speech by Virginia Prince in a book of transcripts from the first IFGE Coming Together conference. It was delivered on March 7, 1987.

Remembering JoAnn (W...

JoAnn Roberts: Rest in Peace

Open Letter to IFGE

Open Letter to The International Foundation for Gender Education, Inc.
I am grievously, and with good reason, concerned for the well-being of the Winslow Street Fund. I fear it is being plundered by what remains of the International Foundation for Gender Education.
Last fall at Fantasia Fair two trustees of the Winslow Street Fund came to me—separately—and told me they were concerned about the fund’s well-being. They had no idea how much money—if any—was left in the fund’s bank account. Worse, they had heard rumors IFGE was drawing down the fund.