Feminist Frequency Aug03

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian is the creator of Feminist Frequency, a series of webcasts that describe and depict the stereotyped and derogatory ways in which female characters are portrayed in video games.

It Gets Better! Nov02

It Gets Better!

Featured video by Joni Christian: It Gets Better… Really! When Joni Christian was a little boy, she prayed every day that God would change her into a girl.
The Ursuline High School graduate got her wish with the help of hormone therapy and surgery at age 26. This November marked a milestone for Christian: 36 years as a woman, 10 years longer than she was a male.
The process of gender reassignment, although a seemingly radical transformation, was Christian’s salvation, despite the ridicule, sarcasm and shunning she experienced when she returned to the life she once lived as a man. Women she worked with at General Motors Lordstown assembly plant circulated a petition to keep her out of the restroom; men stared and hurled cruel remarks.