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Dangerous Curves: The Trouble with Injectable Silicone (2014)

Posted on Jun 11, 2015 in Gender, Medical, Presentations

Today silicone injections are occurring in epidemic proportions. Typically, large amounts (liters, sometimes) are administered by non-licensed and usually non-medically trained “practitioners” who use big-bore needles to pump large quantities of non-medical grade silicone into virtually every part of the body.

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Gender Reassignment Surgeries in the XXth Century (2015)

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Gender, History, Medical, Presentations

The techniques used in modern plastic surgery—including GRS—were developed almost exclusively by this man, who is considered the father of plastic surgery. His name was Harold Gillies.

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Mini-Interview with Dr. Michel Seghers (1993)

Posted on Dec 28, 2013 in AEGIS, Chrysalis Quarterly, Gender, Magazines, Medical

Dr. Michel Seghers is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who practices in Brussels, Belgium. The following interview was conducted on Sunday, 4 October, 1992, at the Southern Comfort convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

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An Interview with Dr. David Gilbert (1992)

Posted on Dec 25, 2013 in AEGIS, Chrysalis Quarterly, Gender, Interviews, Magazines, Medical

Dr. David Gilbert is a plastic surgeon and microsurgeon who is co‑founder of The Center for Gender Reassignment in Norfolk, Virginia. His wife, Deborah, is a registered nurse, and Coordinator of the Center. Plans were to interview both Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert at Southern Comfort, but Mrs. Gilbert became ill shortly after arrival, and was still under the weather on Sunday afternoon, the last possible time for the interview. Dr. Gilbert, who was obviously worried about his wife, nevertheless gave us what we believe to be the finest interview on sex reassignment surgery which has ever appeared outside, and perhaps inside, the pages of a medical journal.

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The Care and Feeding of the Neovagina (1992)

Posted on Dec 25, 2013 in AEGIS, Chrysalis Quarterly, Gender, Magazines, Medical

Those who are lucky, and who have chosen wisely, will end up with neovaginas which are virtually indistinguishable from natural vaginas. And guess what? They will have most of the disadvantages of natural vaginas: susceptibility to infection, sanitation problems, increased vulnerability to STDs—everything but menstruation (and pregnancy, which is only a disadvantage under certain conditions).

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What is the Role of the Helping Professional? (1997)

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 in AEGIS, Gender, Medical, Newsletters, Treatment Bulletin

This was the lead article in the first issue of AEGIS’ Transgender Treatment Bulletin.

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Transgender Treatment Bulletin (1997-1998)

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 in Advisories, AEGIS, Gender, Medical, Newsletters, Treatment Bulletin

In 1997 and 1998 the nonprofit American Educational Gender Information Service published three issues of the Transgender Treatment Bulletin. The bulletin addressed a variety of health issues faced by transsexual and transgender people and was meant to be read by both helping professionals and transfolk. I was editor and I did the layout and some of the writing.

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AEGIS Public Service Advertisements (1990s)

Posted on Dec 19, 2013 in Advisories, AEGIS, Chrysalis Quarterly, Flyers & Pamphlets, Gender, Magazines, Medical

AEGIS designed a series of public service ads, which ran on the inside front covers of Chrysalis Quarterly, the house journal. We also distributed them as flyers. The ads addressed assorted health issues of transsexual and transgendered people, including silicone injections, overuse of hormones, and HIV/AIDS. Margaux Schaffer designed the first two ads.

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