A Response to Intent

Having read your letter to Dallas Denny and Jamison Green, I have to wonder how you see yourselves as being any different than the people (trans-activists) you state you are rallying against. In what amounts to a tirade against the aforementioned two and against transgender people in general, you have obliterated the facts of what their letter, the one that so upsets you, was attempting to bring about.

Intent to Oppress

The anonymous author declares war on me and for that matter on all transpeople. He or she and his or her six compatriots will raise an army of graduate students who will opress me and others like me and render us impotent and invisible– in the name of academic freedom. It’s a peculiarly-worded and most impolite declaration of war based upon an irrational philosophy of who I and others like me are. Happily, he or she is not the arbiter of who I am. I get to say who I am.

Good News from SSA! Jun17

Good News from SSA!

The U.S.Social Security Administration has issued a new (and better) policy for transsexuals.

Remembering JoAnn (W...

JoAnn Roberts: Rest in Peace

Two Short Poems Apr19

Two Short Poems

There must be suffering for art to exist.