The Rise and Fall of...

Our trans community, and many other American communities, face a grave threat.

Identified! May13


The photos in Casa Susanna have until now been unattributed. Now we know Andrea Susan took most of the pictures.

The Historical Roots of Casa Valentina May10

The Historical Roots of Casa Valentina

In the early 1960s small groups of crossdressers were meeting clandestinely on the East and West coasts of the United States. In Los Angeles they gathered in the living room of early activist Virginia Prince. In New York they drove to the Catskills with the trunks of their cars filled with female attire. Their destination: The Chevalier d’Eon Resort, which would soon be renamed Casa Susanna.

The Tri-Ess Wars Apr22

The Tri-Ess Wars

I wrote this in October, 2013 and prepared it for publication here, but never actually posted it. Yesterday, I came across it in draft. I gave it a read-through and it’s ready for prime time—or as ready as it’s ever going to get, anyway.

Just a Crossdresser Aug22

Just a Crossdresser

There needs to be a serious reaching out by all parties in the transgender world. This includes not only the MTF transsexuals and crossdressers, but FTMs and the intersexed as well. No one has a lock on righteousness, pain, suffering, or the right way to be gendered. By beginning to trust each other we can create a much stronger base from which we can make the world safe for gender freedom.