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Fantasia Fair Program Book / Participants’ Guide

Fantasia Fair Program Book / Participants’ Guide

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Fantasia Fair Program Book


Fantasia Fair is the transgender community’s longest-running event. It has been held every October since 1974 at the very tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I’ve attended every year but once since 1990 or 1991.

The Fair is a fabulous event, small, intimate, reasonable so far as price goes, and it lasts an entire week.


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I’ve served in almost every capacity on the Fair Organizing Committee and the two nonprofits which have hosted it— The Outreach Institute for Gender Studies and Real Life Experiences.  I’ve been  at various times office manager, director of programs, registrar, board member, board chair, the editor and layout person for the program book, and director of the Fair itself. Sometimes I wore several of those hats at once!

I was program director in 1994 and got credit as an editor of the program book.


1994 Fantasia Fair Program Guide


The program book is a big undertaking, seventy or eighty pages with a glossy cover. It contains general information about Fantasia Fair and Provincetown, the Fair’s host city; program descriptions and descriptions of the evening events; autobiographies of presenters, and lots and lots of ads. I edited, laid out, and published the guide for five years (2003-2007):


2003 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

2004 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

2005 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

2006 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

2007 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

In 2009 I was chosen by Real Life Experiences, Inc., the Fair’s parent nonprofit, to receive the Transgender Pioneer Award. I made the cover. Thankfully, Jamie Dailey was the editor and publisher that year!


2009 Fantasia Fair Participants’ Guide

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